Mushroom Immunity Dog Biscuits

Mushroom Immunity Dog Biscuits

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Mushroom Immunity Biscuits slowly balances your dog's immunity over time. By balancing your dog's immunity, their resistance to bacteria and viruses is increased, their bodies will build resistance to allergens and their vitality as a whole will increase. It has been documented that consuming certain medicinal mushrooms like Reishi and Turkey Tail can also help reduce the chance of cancer.

All organic ingredients:

Coconut flour, pumpkin, peanut butter, chia seed meal, banana, eggs, turkey tail mushroom, reishi mushroom, egg shells

Handcrafted medium size biscuits made in small batches with organic ingredients, grain free and the highest quality medicinal herbs. Baked and dehydrated to perfection.

Depending on size and condition, feed a couple bones a day, all at once or throughout day.

Each 7 oz. bag contains approximately 42 bones per bag.

Locals to the Truckee / Tahoe area: Bulk options are available!

Provide your own bag and receive an extra 2oz of biscuits!

Contact me and we can figure out a time and place.

Food Allergy Notice: Please be advised, these biscuits contain peanuts.