Herbal Consultations

 I'm here to help you find a holistic way of looking at and healing your beloved dogs acute and chronic imbalances. 

 Herbal Canine Consults with Maggie Furbal Remedies 

  • Are you looking for guidance on how to approach your dogs physical ailments naturally? 

  • Do you feel confused by all the options and opinions on the market?

  • Have you wanted to start making your own herbal tea blends and extracts to help your dog but don't know where to start or what herbs to use?

  • Do you want to feel confident in knowing how to make your dog traditional, healing meals that nourish them with every bite?

I offer online or in-person consultations for acute and chronic canine conditions. I specialized in anxiety & stress related behaviors, food allergies, joint support, post op healing as well as generalized wellbeing.

I'm here to offer guidance in helping you navigate through the healing journey to help your dog thrive.

During your consultation we'll go through:

  • Your dogs current condition and lifestyle

  • What measures you are taking to help your dog now

  • What foods would be beneficial to add and remove from your dogs diet
  • Go over herbal and supplemental recommendations to aid your dogs healing process

  • Learn how these herbs work in the body and how they will assist your dogs healing

  • Different ways you can give your dog said herbs
  • How to make traditional herbal, nourishing foods at home on a budget
  • Learn how to make your own medicinal teas or extracts to create medicine for yourself

You'll leave with:

  • A feeling of confidence on this journey
  • Excitement to be trying a healthy, well rounded, holistic way of correcting your dogs imbalances
  • Feeling supported in supporting your dog fro home
  • A white up of suggestions and recipes for easy reference 
One time, one-on-one consultations are encouraged when you want to go over your dogs personal imbalance and find a plan for you to implement into your dogs life. We design a plan that you feel confident implementing on your own after our initial meeting.

My goal is for you to have a new sense of confidence and understanding in knowing how to treat and handle your dogs current health conditions. Healing is a journey and I would love to help you down that path.

Let's chat and figure out how I can help you, help your pup!

Please choose a time slot that is at least three days away from the day you are applying so we have enough time for you to fill out your intake form and for myself to dive into your dogs conditions before our meeting.

Apply for your appointment here