Leaky Gut Reset - Healing Your Dogs Digestive Intolerances From The Root

leaky gut reset self study how to heal your dogs digestive intolerances allergies
  • Has your dog been dealing with chronic ear infections, uncomfortable rashes & super itchy skin?
  • Has your vet told you that your dog has "dietary allergies"?
  • Has your vet given you pharmaceuticals to try that seem to help right away, but the terrible symptoms always seem to creep back in.. sometime with vengeance?
  • Have you tried feeding prescription dog food to see if that will calm down your dogs symptoms but still, no avail?
  • Have you even tried taking the most common allergens out of your dogs food, like chicken... but your dog is still itching away & miserable?
  • Are you feeling defeated that you have to watch your dog be uncomfortable & go on this merry-go-round of *feeling better with pharmaceuticals...feeling miserable again...feed them pharmaceuticals...try new food with no avail...miserable again...*
  • Have you begun to think there HAS to be a better way?
  • That there must be some type of imbalance in your dog's body that actually could be corrected?
  • Maybe you've started to realize that just giving your dog pharmaceuticals and prescription food clearly isn't actually healing your dog.. it's just covering up their symptoms (for a little bit).


If this sounds like you, I'm so glad you found yourself here. 


 I have created a detailed regimen on how to help your dog start to heal from their dietary intolerances.

I have a plan to start the journey of balancing out our dog's digestive systems through leaky gut restoration.

I created this support program because when I went through this journey with my guy, Leroy, I didn't have any support. There wasn't even any support out there!

My vet told me it was dietary allergies he was dealing with, the underlying reason for all his symptoms was food based and here are some drugs to give him.

No recommendation of changing his food.

No mention of actually healing his body.

Just here's the drugs and you're on your way...

Since I've been a practicing herbalist and have worked in the holistic field with humans for over a decade, I knew this wasn't the route I'd be taking with Leroy so I refused the drugs and we did go on our way... on our way to figuring out what was actually wrong with his body so we could heal it from the root cause.

Our journey took over a year to complete. He only ate lamb as a protein for A YEAR!

But guess where we are now...

He can eat literally ANY protein besides beef, which was his only true allergy!

He has not had a single ear infection since.

He has not had one infected cyst in his paws.

I actually healed my boy.

I healed him.

It wasn't a quick fix.

It took time and dedication.

It took consistency.

But I did it.

I did it on my own.

That's why I'm here, creating this space, for you and your dog.

So you don't have to be alone, stumbling through this frustrating journey.


I have two options available for you.

Leaky Gut Reset Full Support Program is run every other month. We come together in a virtual group via a walkie-talkie app called Voxer where we have genuine conversation about your dog for 4 whole weeks. This is a space where you can ask all the questions that arise through the process of getting your dog on their new healing regimen. This is real time support. You can send voice memos, text messages, photos & links ANY TIME throughout the 4 weeks together to gain more clarity, support & comradery with other people going through the same situation with their dogs.
You also receive:
  • 4 pre-recorded lessons to watch that go over everything you need to know - what your dog is going through, how to support their current symptoms, how to heal their leaky gut & how to help them thrive afterwards.
  • 1 food intolerance test sent straight to your mailbox before we even start so you can start the program with a solid understanding of your dogs personal needs.
  • 4 specific Furbal Remedies supplements to help your dog through this process.
  • A lifetime discount code for these 4 blends so you can continue the healing journey after our 4 weeks are up with confidence.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where all past clients can come together to ask continuing questions, find support & comradery.
leaky gut reset full support program how to heal your dogs digestive intolerances allergies 

Leaky Gut Reset Self Study Program is a self paced course where you receive 4 pre-recorded lessons to watch that go over everything you need to know - what your dog is going through, how to support their current symptoms, how to heal their leaky gut & how to help them thrive afterwards.
You have the freedom to watch these lessons on your own time and decide if you want to give your dog an intolerance test, which supplements you believe are best for them and how to adjust their diet. Take your time to apply the regimen and go at your own pace.
leaky gut reset self study how to help your dogs digestive intolerances allergies