Sweater The Weather

Sweater The Weather is a community project dedicated to altering used sweaters into dog sweaters for homeless dogs who don't have a choice to go indoors. We are an offshoot project from Furbal Remedies who is dedicated to educating dog parents about the benefits of canine herbalism and whole food diets. Together we want to reach out to our community and provide the opportunity for different groups, families and individuals to learn the skill set of sewing and compassion to help us up-cycle used sweaters for the homeless dogs in our communities.

If you have donations of old sweaters or sweatshirts that you want to be up-cycled to help keep a dog warm this winter season they can be donated to us directly. Send us an email at Sweatertheweather@gmail.com to set up a time and place (safely). We have a drop off location at New Moon Natural Foods in Truckee, CA during specific days / times in the future. The time range is from 11am - 4pm during specific weeks. We will let you know via our Facebook Group: Sweater The Weather and Instagram: @Sweatertheweather .

Send us an email at sweatertheweather@gmail.com to get our downloadable guide to make these sweaters for our program! (and your own dog!)

Stay posted!