Furbal's Monthly Mystery Blends

Furbal's Monthly Mystery Blends

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Furbal's Monthly Mystery Blends is a monthly subscription where you receive a never-been-offered-before blend that straight to your mailbox! Each month I will formulate a new fun offer that will only be sent out through our Monthly Mystery Blend subscription.

Some ideas of what these herbal offers could be: extracts, biscuit, powders, dehydrated treats, topical oil, skin salves, other topical care or anything else that makes sense!

I want this experience to create a sense of curiosity in your world when it comes to caring for your dog more holistically. Often, folks come to herbalism and fresh feeding after their dog has already become sick and the traditional veterinary system has let them down. This means most people step into this world with fear, stress and confusion because they are desperate for something to help their beloved pup.

Our Monthly Mystery Blends are here to help alter that intensity of "needing" the "right blend" to work, into being curious about how different herbs can benefit your dog in a new, fun way and simply help them thrive.

This offer is for you if you...

  • are curious in herbalism yourself
  • want to learn about more wonderful ways to support your dog to simply thrive!
  • are interested in supporting all your dog's systems and organs with holistic modalities
  • know that prevention is always better than treating a condition after it's developed
  • love to treat your dog right and watch them thrive!

If you're ready to explore the world of canine herbalism even more, then let's dive into this fun, curiosity filled journey together!

Available in the United States only.