Tranquil Baby Balm

Tranquil Baby Balm

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Tranquil Baby Balm is soothing to irritated, red, dry and itchy skin.

Safflower oil is similar to our babies own skin oils making it especially beneficial for their dry, irritated skin including eczema.

Calendula and Chamomile calm the skin while Shea Butter and Vitamin E heal and moisturize.

This blend is gentle and nourishing to babies and children of all ages.

  • organic safflower oil
  • organic calendula flowers
  • organic chamomile flowers
  • organic shea Butter
  • beeswax
  • non-GMO vitamin E oil
Available in 1oz. tins & safety sealed for your protection.

Gently apply enough of this balm to cover affected area. Repeat as needed until skin becomes softer, less red and retains more moisture.
Happy Baby, Happy Home!