How To Find Pet Friendly Accommodations While Traveling

At times it can feel difficult to find places that are welcoming to you and your pup. When we travel we want our furry friends to be able to enjoy all the things we are excited to experience, with us!

From enjoying our meals at restaurants to dog friendly places to lay our heads. There are a variety of places all over the world! You just need to know easy ways to locate them.

There are many useful apps nowadays to help us locate dog friendly accommodations. The most broad and helpful apps for general travel are:

  • BringFido

  • Slobbr

  • BarkHappy

These apps are an over all wonderful tool to utilize. They helps sort out dog friendly hotels, parks, beaches, hiking trails and restaurants. Just organize the filters to the correct location and what you're looking for. Viola! You then have a wide range of options to choose from that welcome you and your pup!

If you're looking for more specific activities there are some other apps to look into.

If you're looking for camping options is a great resource. They have a wide variety of camping styles: tent camping, RV camping and cabins to choose from. All of their campgrounds are dog friendly but each have their own specific rules that you can learn about when calling for a reservation.

If you're traveling and are looking for sleeping accommodations specifically there are two main options.

  • Hotels - This one can be a bit tricky. There are definitely more hotels that ar not dog friendly then there are. If you look for the terms "hotel" and "dog friendly" in the area you are looking to travel, you will usually be able to find at least one. These hotels tend to have specific rooms designated for groups traveling with pets. There will usually be a small fee added to the price as a deposit and to clean or fix anything the animal might ruin.

  • AirBnb - If you're looking for more of a relaxed home-y experience AirBnB can be a great fit. Again, it can be more difficult to find a dog friendly house but it is possible! People tend to not want to risk a puppy reliving itself on their carpets or tearing up a couch. Yet, if you change the filters to "dog friendly" there is usually one or two options to choose from.

You might always need to put a little more effort into finding a place to go or stay with your pup but its always 100% worth it! To help them experience more of life, explore new smells and have new experiences is going to strengthen your bond tenfold and enrich both of your lives.

Have fun and keep the adventures going!


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