Leaky Gut Reset - healing your dog's digestive intolerances

Leaky Gut Reset - healing your dog's digestive intolerances

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Does your dog...

  • experience rashes & chronic ear infections?
  • lick their feet often or rub their bodies on the couch a lot?
  • experience what seems to be dietary allergies?
  • been to the vet and was told that the symptoms they are experiencing is from certain foods they're eating but you can't seem to figure out what foods are the triggers and how to remove them?
  • cost you hundreds of dollars a month for an allergy shot?
  • take pharmaceutical medication and they seem to work for a little bit but then the symptoms come back with full vengeance?

If you're nodding you head yes to these then it's about time you join us on a journey to help get your dog's quality of life back so they finally feel comfortable in their skin, be relieved of itching & scratching and actually thrive in their health once again!

Introducing Leaky Gut Reset!

What the expect in our Leaky Gut Reset Program:

A self guided journey to a healthy & happy pup!

In our self study program, Leaky Gut Reset, you will receive all of the knowledge & tools to finally heal your dog's uncomfortable intolerances symptoms through leaky gut restoration while addressing their digestive system!

How our Leaky Gut Reset will help your dog on their journey back to health while helping you feel confident in supporting their journey:

  • we'll dive into the in's & out's of your dog's "dietary allergies" aka intolerances & leaky gut so you understand what your dog is actually going through.
  • we will address the root cause of these imbalances and help your dog on their healing journey, together, so you feel good about why we are applying the remedies we are for their personal situation.
  • feel confident while learning the real causes of your dog's discomfort so you can help your dog stop scratching, itching and shaking.

What Leaky Gut Reset - Self Study Program includes:

  • 4 pre-recorded educational videos that go over the in's and out's of your dog's dietary "allergies" (intolerances!) and how we are going to heal. your dog's digestive system through leaky gut restoration so you feel confident with the road ahead of you. We can all fall off track when we feel overwhelmed. These videos are your roadmap so you feel ready to tackle the journey ahead.
  • with recommendations of intolerance tests and supplements you can utilize.

If you are ready to start your journey in healing your dog's intolerances so they can start to live their best life again, full of comfort, happiness and adventure.. I'm excited for you to watch these informative classes to help you on your way, on your own time!

If after going through this course you have questions about reading the intolerance results, how to apply the results you've received to your dog's meals, how to utilize the remedies or just want moral support through the process, please sign up for our 1:1 Voxer Support where we can dive into your dog's personal situation, together. Find our 1:1 Virtual Voxer Support HERE