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Hi Furbal Family,

I've created Furbal Remedies to support you on your dogs health journey because a lot of people are starting to realize that the veterinary system is similar to our western health care system. It is AMAZING in emergency and other specific, acute situations. But when it comes to chronic situations like allergies, anxiety, joint problems, digestive issues and immune balance, our dogs are being over vaccinated and over medicated. This can cause long term problems and is not addressing the root cause of our dogs issues. We are watching our dogs deal with more chronic issues and becoming more sensitive than ever before. It's time to come back to our roots with food and medicine, within ourselves and also within our pets.

I'm here to encourage, inspired and educates you on more holistic ways to take care of their dogs health. I create herbal biscuits, extracts and powders to help families find remedies for their dogs issues and help create a healthy, vibrant dog through utilizing real foods and herbal medicine. I also love to educate fellow health enthusiasts about how herbal remedies and real food can impact their dogs lives. I work towards empowering dog mamas and papas to feel confident in supporting their dogs health holistically, just like they do for themselves. I want to help people feel confident creating healing and nourishing food, treats and body care for their dogs themselves instead of relying on others. Through education I strive to help you feel good about creating remedies for your dogs and begin to tap into your inner "kitchen witch". I'm here to empower dog mamas to take the health of their dogs back into their own kitchens. I've been creating more educational videos to help families create your own healthy herbal inspired food and treats without costing you an arm and a leg.

I also support dog mamas one-on-one to help find balance in their dogs life through single session consultations and our Extended Support Program for dogs that just can't seem to get over the hump with their chronic health condition.

I want you to feel empowered to take you dogs health back into your own hands. To feel like you can take care of your pups holistically, just like you know it's important to take care of themselves through healthy eating and herbal remedies. I want you to be able to start making their own topical body care products for your dog to help with yeast infections in their ears, sprays for their bellies and treats made at home to support their different conditions as well as just simply helping them thrive. With this knowledge, you get the gift of a healthy dog who can give their love freely, just like your pup wants too. 

Our Story: A life long herbalist and dog mama, Maggie Dana, understands the importance of functional foods and the use of herbal medicine for our fur-babies. By providing nutrient dense remedies along with her expertise in herbal medicine, your dogs are sure to be the most vibrant versions of themselves!

I started making herbal biscuits for Leroys anxiety and general wellbeing to use while training, especially for his reactiveness to other dogs, particularly when I was present. He was resourse guarding me.. As he progressed and our community began to learn about these remedies I was making for Leroy, people began to reach out about utilizing these remedies for their pups and viola, Furbal Remedies was born! I thrive off of combining my understanding and knowledge of herbalism and my love of pups.

Furbal Remedies Founders Maggie Leroy

Our Mission: Furbal Remedies is a USA based company who is here to support you, so you can support your favorite furry friends. Whether your pup needs one-on-one personal attention or easy to consume, tasty remedies, we have your back.

We Value high quality ingredients and an easy, stress free stream of communication with our clients. If there is ever any confusion, please reach out and we will make it right.

Maggie is a certified Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist through DNM University and is currently studying to be a certified Pet Master Herbalist through the Academy of Natural Health Science.

Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist