Dogs Eat Fresh Food Too Class

Dogs Eat Fresh Food Too Class

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed by the idea of feeding your dog more fresh.

It has been proven (through science and all of history!) that feeding outRdogs more fresh food can drastically impact their health in a positive way. Yet, when our society has been taught that highly processed & altered food is what our dogs should eat, it can feel overwhelming to know what is safe to feed and what isn't.

No matter what type of diet you feed, we can always add more fresh food to help our dogs consume more quality, whole food based vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omegas & phytonutrients.

In our Fresh Food Feeding Class, we will cover:

  • What foods are safe for your dog to eat - broken down into multiple categories
  • What foods are dangerous
  • How to prepare specific foods so your dog will get more nutrients out of them
  • Tricks on how to store food properly so you can have it for a while
  • Tips on how to do this more cost effectively
  • How to feel confident picking our fresh options for you and your dog in the grocery store (or your garden!)

After this class you will feel confident giving your dog fresh snacks & adding fresh food into whatever meal your dog is already eating.

After all, food is food. Your dog deserves to eat REAL FOOD!