x. How To Naturally Heal Your Dogs Wounds - Download

x. How To Naturally Heal Your Dogs Wounds - Download

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Have you wanted to feel more confident about being able to take care of your dog naturally in a time of crisis? Dogs are dogs; and they can be wild! Injuries happen in life and it feels good to feel prepared and ready to jump into action when our dogs hurt themselves. When you have an understanding of how to treat your dogs wounds naturally, it gives us peace of mind.

What you will receive:

10 page document outlining how to treat 4 types of common wounds with herbal medicine.

We go over:

  • Puncture wounds

  • Bleeding wounds

  • Infected wounds

  • Shallow wounds

We cover ways to clean, stop bleeding, disinfect and heal skin injuries using natural remedies. With these recipes and you will feel confident in the first aid kit you can create and have on hand. When we utilize herbal medicine to help our dogs heal, we are helping them fully heal, not just fix symptoms.

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