Top Reasons Why Your Dog Needs To Eat "Real" Food

"Do you really believe in this stuff?" I hear often, working as a supplement specialist.

"This stuff? As in herbs? The human population wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for herbal medicine." is my main reply. Or another favorite answer, "Do you believe in coffee?"

It's in these moments that I see something click.

It's not just a pill, an oil or a voodoo magic trick. It's what we've survived on, forever.

This is no different for animals. Sure, animals have different digestive systems and nutritional needs but that doesn't mean they don't NEED fresh, real food, just like us.

Our culture has developed this mindset that dogs eat "dog food". We simply buy a bag of dried kibble and trust that it's what they need. But do you know what is in most conventional kibble?

  • Preservatives
  • Chemicals
  • Low quality meat or meat products

This food causes inflammation, sickness and cancer.

This is reality.

Did you know that one of the reasons dogs eat grass is because they have a nutritional deficiency and instinctively know the nutrients are in the greens? They know they feel better with vegetables and herbs in their diet.

Humans are beginning to come back around to this understanding. We're coming back to our roots. We're remembering. Remembering what WE really need nutritionally and what animals need.

There are some great dog food companies providing real nutrition.

There is a lot of information out there, teaching us how to add fresh food to their diets.

There's knowledge being spread about how to treat their ailments holistically.

And its all continuing to grow!

Dogs eat real food too.

They need dense nutrition, just like us. These nutrients are going to keep them healthy, pain free and full of life!

Herbs are known to have dense nutrition within a smaller amount of mass. High vitamin and mineral counts are within herbs and spices. These can be added to your dogs diet for a simple nutritional boost. They can also be added for prevention and recovery of different ailments. We'll get into that topic soon!

What are some things you do for your pet that increase their nutritional intake? Comment below!


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