Meet The Furbal Family

Furbal Remedies was organically created after our family adopted our sweet 4 year old pitbull mix, Leroy, from the Humans Society. Going into this journey I knew I would be supplementing his diet with highly dense, nutritious herbs, spices and seaweeds for extra vitamins and minerals as well as herbs for joint support and for any other issues that might arise. I began making herbal biscuits for him because it was the easiest way for him to consume the nutrients. He LOVED them! I started gifting them to friends, word got around and all of a sudden Fur-bal Remedies was born!

After awhile, Leroy started to become extra protective of us around other dogs and would try to intimidate people coming into our house. He succeeded. We feared going to places where other dogs were because his reactions were too intense. It came to a point where something needed to be done. Through research and devotion to helping him feel calm, safe and secure on this next leg of his journey, I experimented and perfected our Relax All Day biscuits and Fast Relax tincture. These were game changers for us! These blends help relax his nervous system so he doesn't react out of old habit or fear while learning new coping mechanisms and behaviors. With the combination of these remedies and a remote beep/spray collar, we have turned a new leaf and feel confident in taking Leroy anywhere, anytime.

We, like so many others, want to be able to have our dogs enjoy all of lifes's journeys with us. I created these herbal blends for just that. So we can work on our dogs old traumas, calm their nervous systems and create new positive behaviors so we can explore this life TOGETHER.

Furbal family Maggie and Leroy

We love, appreciate and admire all of our family, near and far.

We would love to feature the Furbal pups and a little something about them!

Email a photo of you and your beloved dog, a little about them and their favorite Furbal Remedies to

Sadie Mae

Furbal family Sadie Mae

Sadie loves treats and walks. She is between 10 and 11 years old. Her favorite places to go are dog beach and to her friend Bubba's house.

Sadie loves ALL of her Furbal treats but her favorite treats are the Ginger Joint biscuits!


Furbal family juice

Juice is a goofy girl who loves to swim, run, hike and is happiest when she can take breaks on the mountain chairlifts!

She tore her CCL ligament this past year and after surgery loved taking your Ginger Joint Biscuits to help her on her healing journey!


Furbal family Oscar

Oscar is a spunky sassy shih tzu. He loves being outside and making new friends.

His favorite treats are the Relax All Day Biscuits! He loves to chill out!


Furbal family Harrison

Harrison is a giant anxious baby. He loves to swim, play in the snow and basically play anywhere outside.

His favorite Furbal remedy is Fast Relax because it helps him be as cool as a cucumber! 


Furbal family Seymour

Seymour is a husky mix and he acts like it. He enjoys going on hikes in the mountains, running along the shore at the beach and singing with friends.

His favorite Furbal treat is the Ginger Joint biscuits so he can keep going and going and going!


Furbal family Leroy

Leroy is a serious boy with the goofiest, loving heart when you get to know him. He is a food enthusiast and an integral part of the quality assurance team here at Furbal Remedies!

He is a maniac about all the dog biscuits, even the Fast Relax Extract. Once the biscuits start, the drool doesn't stop!