Canine herb of the month - Red Clover

Canine herb of the month - Red Clover

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This month's extract of the month is our almighty, powerful and nourishing, Red Clover extract!

Red clover is nourishing to the kidneys and liver. When we nourish the kidneys and liver, in turn we help to cleanse the blood and clear the skin. This extract helps dogs who:

  • have skin issues like rashes, itchy/dry skin and more
  • has known liver or kidney issues
  • want to stay up to date on keeping their blood, liver and kidneys strong
  • are seniors and you want to help keep that cancer at bay
  • who are going through cancer treatment to help keep their body strong
  • have cancer and you want to help their body process
  • have a known blood disorder

Grab your self one (or more!) bottles of 1 oz. or 4 oz. red clover extract today!

Each month I will have a new original extract formulated for you to try out! If we end up loving a specific blend, let me know! The more interest we have for new exciting extracts, the more likely I will be able to make it a staple for you!