1:1 Take Your Power Back Canine Support Program

1:1 Take Your Power Back Canine Support Program

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Do you need some 1-on-1 support to help bring your dog back to balance?

  • Are you struggling with your dog's health in some way and you just can't seem to figure out how to help them?
  • Do you want to switch your dog over to a more holistic lifestyle but you feel overwhelmed by the variety of options and differing ideas you read about on the internet?
  • Does your dog suffer from chronic health issues like candida overgrowth, anxiety, joint pain or digital furunculosis and you know that their vets recommendations of continuously feeding pharmaceuticals just isn't how you want to handle your dog's chronic issues?
  • Are you wanting to learn how to feed your dog better by adding more fresh food in an easy and affordable way?

You don't have to:

  • struggle through this confusing journey alone while feeling confused and unsure in your decisions
  • spend hours on hours of research to end up being confused by the hundreds of different articles online saying opposite things
  • spend hundreds of dollars in education so you feel confident in supporting your dog in what they personally need

You can:

  • have a support system in your back pocket to talk through all the little details of your dog's journey and transformation
  • get streamlined information and wisdom about how you can best support your dog's health so they can be free and happy in their hearts and bodies
  • learn only what you need to know, right now, for your dog's specific needs

Whether you're ready to change your dog's diet & lifestyle from bland to *ba-zam* to help them become their best self & thrive


...you want to treat your dog's uncomfortable chronic health condition so they can get back to being their happy, spunky, energized self - our 1-on-1 support program will be the hand you can hold while YOU navigate your dog's transition.

As hard as these transitions may feel for your dog, we also can't forget about how stressful these moments can feel for you. You are an equally important member of your pack and your mental health while traveling down this overwhelming new yet exciting path is so important! I'm here to support you, so you can support your dog.

In our 1-on-1 Take Your Power Back Support Program we will spend time together virtually via a walkie-talkie like app called Voxer where we will have genuine conversation back and forth and be able to send voice memos, text messages, links and photos so we have a solid understanding and discourse about what your dog personally needs. This is my favorite way to work with my amazing clients because we really can get to know each other and feel supported. This platform allows you to ask all of the questions that arise in real time so you don't feel hung up and confused while you're actively adjusting your dogs diet & lifestyle.

If you're ready to take your dog's health to the next level click below to get started.

Once you purchase your plan, choose any time on the desired start date. The exact time doesn't matter as much since we are using the calender to just decide which day we will either start our 1-day, 7-day or 30-day support space together.

After purchasing your desired package, download Voxer, a free walkie talkie app and email your Voxer name to furbalremedies@gmail.com