Super Simple Bone Broth Snackatizers Recipe

I consider bone broth to be a powerhouse of nutrients and to be an incredibly healing addition to the diet for dogs and humans alike. I have multiple other blog posts on how to make a safe bone broth for you and your pup as well as how to spruce up original bone broth with different herbs, roots and mushrooms.

Today we're going to talk about a fun way to add bone broth to your dogs diet, especially in these warmer months!

Let's get into this super simple, fun recipe!

What you'll need:

  • Homemade or store bought bone broth (NO ONIONS!)

  • A fun silicone gummy mold or an ice cube tray

  • A cutting board - if using a silicone mold

  • A measuring cup

  • A freezer

What you'll do:

  1. Make bone broth(recipe here) - or buy bone broth

  2. Strain all material out of bone broth

  3. Pour broth into measuring cup with a spout

  4. Place silicone mold onto a small cutting board that will fit into freezer

  5. Pour broth into molds or ice cube tray

  6. Freeze!

  7. Pop these out when done or keep in molds until used

Benefits of bone broth:

Bone broth is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and collagen. One amino acid contained in bone broth is Glutamine, which helps repair the intestinal walls for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients. The amino acids and collagen in bone broth can benefit your dogs joints and help repair damage and keep joints healthy. Most dogs will suffer from joint issues at one point or another. Using bone broth throughout their life as a protective measure will greatly benefit them in their older years. Even older dogs that already have joint issues can gain comfort throughout their older years with the regular consumption of bone broth.

These super simple, frozen treats are great for a summer cool down snack or placed onto their food as a nutrient topper any time of year! Your dog will thank you.


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