Acute vs. Chronic Conditions & What That Means For Your Dog

Let’s look at the differences between an acute vs. chronic condition and how to best support your dog through each?

Acute conditions are when the condition comes on seemingly out of nowhere or an injury happens & the symptoms appear, change or worsen rapidly. Some examples are the cold, the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, UTIs, broken bones or a heart attack.

Chronic conditions develop or worsen of a longer period of time. Examples of a chronic condition are arthritis, degenerative joint pain, cancer, allergies, diabetes, kidney disease and obesity.

Some of our blends are made more for acute situations, some for chronic and there are some that can cross over into both! In both, feeding your dog their remedies is all about consistency which is important but what consistency means for both is different. Let’s break it down..

Acute: With acute conditions we normally want to feed remedies multiple times a day to make sure there is a constant amount of herbs running through our dogs body to help halt the condition in its tracks so we can help bring our dogs balance back to normal. Feeding remedies consistently, possibly multiple times a day for a shorter duration of time. 

Chronic: When our dogs have a chronic condition, it is better to feed a smaller amount everyday so the body is getting support daily, but it doesn’t often need a lot everyday. Feeding remedies consistently, 1-2x daily for an extended amount of time.

I find understanding the difference & feeling confident in how to care for your dog to be super important! The more you know 🤓

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