Nutrient Dense Veggie Blocks

Add this easy, cost effective & time efficient pup prep meal topper to your dog's regimen! These nutrient dense blocks are a perfect way to add a wide variety of whole food based vitamins and minerals to your dogs diet. Prep a medium sized batch and you will have enough for weeks to come!

Whenever you have some extra veggies or veggie butts laying around from your meal, keep them in a container in your fridge or freezer until you have enough to make these. If they're frozen before making, just let them thaw then you're on your way. OR you can purchase one bushel of dark leafy greens like kale or chard and make a full batch with that, that will last you a while.

Ok, let's dive in!

What you'll need:

  • Dark leafy greens - kale, chard, spinach, broccoli leaves
  • Other safe veggie - asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower
  • Boiling pot
  • Steaming basket or a larger strainer that fits over your pot if you don't have a steaming basket
  • Silicone mold or ice cube tray

What you'll do:

  1. Grab a large pot with a steaming basket on top
  2. Cut out the middle stem of the dark leafy greens
  3. Rip the larger leafy greens into smaller pieces
  4. Cut any other veggies up into medium sizes pieces
  5. Place the more dense veggies into the steaming basket first
  6. Place the leafy greens on top
  7. Boil the water in the pot until veggies are cooked in the steamer basket
  8. Remove the veggies and let cool for a few minutes
  9. Blend all the veggies together in a food processor with either some water, goats milk, bone broth or herbal water - up to you!
  10. Pour the mixture into silicone molds or an ice cube tray
  11. Freeze until frozen
  12. Pop out of molds and store in a freezable container
  13. When you are ready to add one to your dog's meal, take one out and let it thaw. Mix in with a batch of homemade or raw food for the week. If feeding kibble, thaw one or two blocks into a Tupperware container and keep in the fridge. Scoop a little out each day to add to your dogs meal!

These nutrient dense veggie blocks will provide your dog with some of the important minerals that can be looked over in a lot of dogs diets. By adding dark leafy greens to your dogs diet, you are providing a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Steaming them helps all the nourishing elements of these leaves to be more bioavailable for your dog so they can absorb the nutrients easier. Fill a handful of nutrient gaps, especially for home cooked dogs, simply with these nutrient blocks!

Extra perk.. you make them one day and then you have them easily available for weeks to come! We love efficiency!

Let me know if you try this recipe and tell me any variations you may try. I love to see what other dogs love!

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