Do You Have A Poop Eater?

Do you have a poop ūüí© eater?

If you do, here’s a couple ideas for you!

1. Some folks believe that their dog eats poo because of anxiety. A lot of things that our dogs do that are "bad" are considered "anxiety based behaviors" which means they are doing said behavior, like eating poop, because they are anxious and they are trying to self soothe. If you think your dog is eating poo because of anxiety then a blend like Fast Relax could be a great place to start! This blend calms the nervous system and can help your dog feel more at ease so they don't go to their nervous behavior, poop eating! Click here if you want to learn more about Fast Relax.

2. A common reason for poop eating is that the dog has a nutritional deficiency and they are intuitively trying to balance that out. Our dogs are intuitive and often know what they need. Our Complete Canine Extract is loaded with nutritionally dense medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and seaweeds to help fill in some nutritional gaps. If you want to learn more about Complete Canine, click here to get all the deets!

3. Going off of #2, you could also take a look at your dogs diet! Are they getting enough nutrients through their meals? Are you feeding them nourishing organs whether they're already in the dogs pre-made food or a powdered blend you add after? Taking a real hard look at your dogs food is a great step to take because well, your dog eats everyday and what you are feeding them is either going to build them up or slowly create nutritional deficiencies. When our dogs nutritional needs are met, it is likely that they will stop eating poop because their body won't be screaming for nutrients it isn't receiving. 

If your dog is a poop eater then take a look in the apothecary for Fast Relax & Complete Canine (also linked in this post!)

& if you’re ready to help yourself feel more confident feeding your dog fresh food, click here for our Feeding Fresh Food class ✨

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