DIY Healthy Joint Jello For Dogs

Do you want an easy baseline recipe for making your dog healthy, joint supporting, stomach soothing jello?

Experimenting with a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables to find your pups perfect blends adds a personal touch for your furry friends palette!

Basic recipe:

  • 2 cup of liquid
  • 8 TB grass fed gelatin
  • Jello mold or ice cube tray
  • Sauce pan
  • Measuring cup with spout
  • Whisk or fork

Warm desired liquid on low on stove top. SLOWLY sprinkle in gelatin while using a whisk or fork to mix thoroughly. If gelatin is poured in too fast, it will clump and not be as smooth. When all ingredients are fully mixed, pour liquid into a mixing cup with a spout to pour into your jello molds. Put molds into fridge for two hours or place in freezer for 20 minutes and then in refrigerator for an hour for quicker set time. If using silicon molds, place on top of a thin cutting board to transfer from counter to fridge.

Options for different liquid to change the flavor and benefit:

  • Bone broth - Nutrient rich, extremely tasty for dogs, benefits stomach, joints and fur.
  • Fruit blended with some water - Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, apples
  • Herbal tea - Chamomile, Oatstraw, Turmeric, Nettle, Skullcap

Mix and match as you please and find out what your dog likes the best! If they tend to love a specific fruit, give it a try! Mixing herbs with bone broth is a wonderful way to get your dogs to benefit from herbal remedies. Simple way to do so below.

Herbal bone broth:

Use bones from a whole chicken, chicken legs, buy chicken or beef bones or use dehydrated bone broth. MAKE SURE NOT TO USE ANY ONION! A lot of pre-made bone broths use onion so be aware and careful.

When making broth, throw bones and any veggie scraps into a crock pot. Add some vinegar to help release the nutrients from the bones. Cook on low for two days. When done, add desired herbs to hot liquid. Let steep for an hour. Strain liquid and make jello with above recipe. Check out a full blog post on safe bone broth for dogs here.

You can make these jello treats to be medicinal or just tasty, fun and nutritional. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy the journey of finding your dogs favorite gelatin handmade treat, made with love!


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  • Hi! I made these treats and they look awesome but I’m unsure how to store them. Any recommendations on how to make them last?

    Sherry Guevara

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